“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

– C.S. Lewis

Humility ~ a character trait, a demeanor essentially, so gingerly referred to, feeling cautious and fragile, is actually one of great strength. It is highly subjective, leaving one to decide upon and manifest its beauty on an extremely personal level.

I believe that we need to examine how we would like our children to grow up, and if we are honest, we would probably say “As a reflection of, if not better than, ourselves.” This calls up introspection, a confrontation with our own level of humility, and how we treat others. Do our young see it in our behavior and attitude? Could we put some, if not all, of our pride in check for the sake of strengthening our example? Being down to earth, with a touch modesty, is in my opinion, the tender innocence we strive to see our children possess. It is not just an attribute, but a way of life, an expression of our souls.  Supporting our children means living it forwards and backwards, without question or qualification.

Here are several simply ways to teach, practice, and embrace it:

  • Swallow your pride
  • Don’t allow circumstances to lead to you to losing your grace
  • Stop talking and allow the other person to be in the limelight
  • Practice these three magic words: You are right
  • Q: Is your correction of others a reflection of your own needs?
  • Seek others’ input on how you are coming across. Ask: “How am I doing?” It takes humility to ask such a question. And even more humility to consider the answer.
  • Encourage the practice of humility…through your own example



When you are sincerely invested in helping others, being humble is part of your make-up, for they naturally go hand in hand. So let’s help each other by giving our future generations the gift of kindness through the tenderness of humility.

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”

~ Thomas Merton

In Peace,

Debra Tiffany